9 out of 10 Yorkshire voters feel that the government doesn’t give them fair treatment.

A YouGov poll shows the extent to which Yorkshire’s voters have been let down by the current government.

Both Johnson’s & Truss’s handling of the energy and cost of living crisis is hammering businesses and families alike - with the report associated with the polling suggesting that leveling up promises had been “largely abandoned” by Truss’s short tenure as Prime Minister. 

20,000 people were polled and it was also found that most believe that both crime and local transport infrastructure had significantly worsened over the last 10 years.

The largest study of its kind has shown that Yorkshire people are much more likely to feel that their region is underfunded - more so than any other region of England. This runs in contrast with voters in the South, of which over half believe that the North gets “more than its fair share of funding”

When it came to solutions on how to bridge the north-south divide and strengthen regional economies most respondents rejected the return of traditional industries, instead favoring new green energy and technology developments. 

We propose to do just that to Yorkshire’s economy, developing a world-beating green energy sector, supported by new training colleges and targeted business relief for companies looking to establish themselves within our region.