It's time for fair funding and a Yorkshire Regional Parliament. 

Yorkshire faces a constant repeat of financial cuts, decaying roads & rails, struggling schools, and a stuttering economy. While London and the South East take the lion's share of investment our communities  are left to suffer.

We receive only scraps from London's table.

The Yorkshire Party is the only party standing up for an end to London-centric politics.

So does that mean we want independence for Yorkshire ?   - No.  Yorkshire needs proper devolution with fair funding and a Yorkshire Regional Parliament, where we, the people of Yorkshire (with the same sized population as Scotland) take control of our own affairs,  within The U.K.

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New Yorkshire Party councillor elected in excellent local election campaign. We now have 3 councillors in The East Riding. 

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Transpennine Express photo by David Eadington

After inflicting chaos and misery on travellers across Yorkshire and The North for years,  Transpennine Express has finally gone. 

Speaking to The Dewsbury Reporter, Yorkshire Party co-Leader Bob Buxton claimed the decision to strip TransPennine Express of its rail franchise would have been made more quickly if Yorkshire had Scottish-style devolution.

Dr Buxton said: “The delay has let customers in Yorkshire and the whole North down. We should be well on with the solution now. A Regional Parliament for Yorkshire would prioritise Yorkshire and give it decisive leadership".