Yorkshire First announces candidate for Sheffield by-election

Yorkshire First, the party for Yorkshire, has announced 25 year old Stevie Manion from Conisbrough as its candidate to fight the forthcoming Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election.

Stevie, who works for Wabtec Rail Ltd as a Production Planner, said:

"I want to see more infrastructure spending in Yorkshire. It is scandalous that spending per head on public infrastructure projects is 10 times more in London than in Yorkshire. Politicians have so far failed to give Yorkshire a voice - I hope to change that.

"I work in the rail industry and I know how vital it is in making Yorkshire into a first class region to rival Manchester and London. It's not just transport though - Yorkshire should have the powers to unleash the enormous potential of the people here. I am lucky that I found a job relatively locally after leaving school while so many of my contemporaries had to move away to find work. This is bad not only for the economy of Yorkshire but also for the whole of the UK. I want to see a strong Yorkshire within a strong UK.

"The so-called Northern Powerhouse is not the answer. That idea is already unravelling before our eyes as the Government's 'Northern Powerhouse' department is to shut down its office in Sheffield, moving 247 jobs to London. What is needed is to build a stronger, fairer, more prosperous Yorkshire by giving the people here the tools to do the job. After all, Yorkshire has the same population as Scotland, an economy twice the size of Wales but the power of neither.

"However, the divisive, limited and undemocratic City regions are not the answer either. This election is the only chance Sheffield people have to make their voice heard about the Sheffield City Region 'devolution' plans. A vote for me and for Yorkshire First is a vote to say no to the behind closed doors stitch-up which South Yorkshire Labour are conspiring with George Osborne to impose on our area."

To donate to support Stevie's campaign, click here.

To contact Stevie's campaign team with any questions, or if you wish to help, email campaigns@yorkshirefirst.org.uk

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