Yorkshire First selects candidate for Pontefract North

Yorkshire First has selected local resident and writer, Lucy Brown, as their candidate in the by-election in Pontefract North on Wakefield Council. The election will be held on Thursday 24 September.

Pontefract North candidate, Lucy Brown, with fellow Yorkshire First campaigner, Martin Roberts.

Commenting on her selection as Yorkshire First candidate, Lucy said:

"I’ve lived around Wakefield for nearly all of my life, and at the moment I’m working as a writer. I hadn't been inspired to get involved in politics until I joined Yorkshire First at the start of this year. I realised that if I didn’t stand up and try to make our area better, who would?

"That’s why I joined Yorkshire First, and that’s why I’m standing in Pontefract North - because I want to make our area better for everyone.

"Yorkshire First believes that decisions about local issues should be made locally. For example, why do we need to ask London for permission to install disabled lifts at Pontefract Monkhill Railway station? And why did we have to wait fifteen years for Wakefield Council to fix the mess they made at the Town End Junction?

"I'll promise to do things differently. Instead of ignoring the needs of Pontefract I will:

  • Fight to make more of Pontefract’s fantastic heritage. Our castle could be one of the finest visitor attractions in the north if it were given the attention it deserves
  • Campaign to make sure local decisions are made locally. There’s no need for Wakefield Council, eleven miles away, to have the final say on all local issues. Pontefract should be allowed to decide
  • Make sure that our schools and hospital are invested in properly, to make sure they can cope with all the new housing being built around Pontefract."

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