Yorkshire First pushes Lib Dems into 5th place in Pontefract

Yorkshire First continued to make good progress across Yorkshire last night, with our candidate in the Pontefract North by-election, Lucy Brown, securing 7% of the vote and pushing the Lib Dems into 5th place.

This is more evidence of Yorkshire First's growing momentum, and is the second successive by-election where we have secured more votes than one of the 'big three' Westminster parties. Well done to Lucy and everyone involved in the Pontefract campaign!

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  • commented 2015-10-20 13:54:47 +0100
    We last challenged for two of the Wakefield Wards last May alongside 14 of the General Election Constituencies and feel in this By-Election in Pontefract that we simply wanted to get our name out there and make people more aware of our Party Yorkshire First. We didn’t think we would quite be this successful especially for our first time standing here.
  • commented 2015-10-07 05:23:34 +0100
    Good. Contesting local By Elections like this is resource intensive and an often thankless task. But it’s essential to long term political change.

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