Yorkshire First launches 2016 election broadcast

Yorkshire First - the Party for Yorkshire - has launched its 2016 election broadcast. Unfortunately this will not be broadcast on the BBC, as they have ruled that Yorkshire First must stand in 100 constituencies outside Yorkshire to qualify for a broadcast on BBC Yorkshire.

Leader of Yorkshire First Richard Carter commented:

"I would love the BBC to come out and justify this absurd decision – we have repeatedly asked them to do so, but so far they have refused.

"Yorkshire First is a political party focussed on Yorkshire – as we hope the name suggests. Yet the BBC insist that, for us to be given a party election broadcast on BBC Yorkshire, we have to stand in 100 seats outside of Yorkshire. How does that make any sense?

"Does the BBC want us to stand in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Cumbria or even in Lancashire?

"Or perhaps what the BBC really wants is for us to stand in London – which seems, after all, to be the centre of the universe as far as they are concerned.

"I'm calling on the BBC to think again about their ridiculous ruling - they still have time to correct this obvious unfairness, and we have our election broadcast on the stocks ready to roll out. Above all, we need to ensure that May's elections are conducted in the open and fair manner which we all expect."

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