Yorkshire Day 2016: Where is Yorkshire's voice?

What is the "Where's Yorkshire's voice?" campaign?

“Yorkshire Party members have been out all day gagging statues right across Yorkshire as a symbolic way of saying that Yorkshire does not have a voice.  The Yorkshire Party wants a Yorkshire parliament.  We need that voice just in the same way that Scotland, Wales and even London have a voice to make decisions for themselves locally, whether it be on education, the environment, the economy and so on.  Yorkshire desperately needs that voice.”

Stewart Arnold – Leader of the Yorkshire Party

Who are the Yorkshire Party?

“The Yorkshire Party is a new, progressive political party campaigning for more decisions to be made locally rather than in Westminster.  We are campaigning for a Yorkshire parliament with powers similar to those held by Scotland, Wales and even Greater London so that together we can build a fairer, stronger, more prosperous Yorkshire within the United Kingdom.”

Chris Whitwood - Deputy Leader of the Yorkshire Party

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Press articles about our "Where's Yorkshire's voice?" campaign:

York Press - 'Constantine gagged in campaign stunt in York'

Sheffield Star - 'Sheffield statues gagged in voice protest'

Barnsley Chronicle - 'Dickie gagged on Yorkshire Day'

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