Who knew about the cuts to Yorkshire's railways?

Decision to scrap upgrades to Yorkshire's railways was taken in March... but the Government didn't admit it until after the election.

I'm angry that, by scrapping these upgrades, the Government has put the needs of Yorkshire and the north last. But I'm even more angry that the Conservative Party stood on a manifesto of investing more in Yorkshire's railways, when a decision had already been taken to cancel that investment.

At Yorkshire First we believe one of the best ways to develop a stronger, more sustainable economy in Yorkshire is investing in transport - with decisions for here, taken by the region, not central government or Whitehall. For too long infrastructure spending has been focussed on London and the South East, whilst in Yorkshire we're stuck commuting on thirty year old trains. It's time to change that. Yorkshire needs the powers to set its own priorities for transport. 

Today I'm calling for a full, independent inquiry to be held to find out exactly who knew about the plans to cancel the upgrades to Yorkshire's railways. Ministers claim no one told them until after the election. But they are the ones supposed to be overseeing Network Rail.

An inquiry will help us find out why this Government got elected on a pledge to improve our railways, when those improvements had already been cancelled. 

It's time we got the truth from this Government.

Richard Carter

Leader - Yorkshire First

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  • commented 2015-07-13 23:19:43 +0100
    The blatant lies underlines why Westminster can never trusted, and regional devo is both needed and the only way.

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