Voting Begins in Doncaster and Barnsley

Voters in Doncaster and Barnsley are being given a choice between their towns working with other Yorkshire councils in a wider Yorkshire devolution deal or being chopped out of Yorkshire to become part of Sheffield City Region.

Devolution will mean more decisions are made locally rather than in London. Earlier this year, other parts of England, including Greater Manchester and the West Midlands voted for a mayor. However, Yorkshire was left out of the devolution debate.

Voters in Doncaster and Barnsley are now being given a choice of which sort of devolution they would prefer:

a) wider Yorkshire (a deal with councils across Yorkshire working together)

b) Sheffield City Region (dividing Yorkshire with Doncaster and Barnsley becoming part of Sheffield City Region)


You can vote by post or online using the security code on your ballot paper. Click below to vote:

Vote in Doncaster

Vote in Barnsley


More information can be found on the Doncaster and Barnsley council websites.

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