The Yorkshire Party Asks: What Is the Point of This General Election?

Responding to Theresa May’s announcement calling for an early General Election, Leader of the Yorkshire Party, Stewart Arnold, said:

“We had a General Election not even two years ago and the Prime Minister has a sufficient majority to enact Government policy.

“There is no real reason to have a General Election in two months time, except to damage the other parties. Her Brexit plans won't come under real scrutiny in this election because they are not defined on both sides. Surely the time for an election is when the plans are completed? Instead millions of pounds of taxpayers' money will be spent on an unnecessary parliamentary election.

"However, it looks inevitable an election will happen, in which case the Yorkshire Party will be ready.”

Mr Arnold continued:

“We will be campaigning for democratic devolution for the whole of Yorkshire and for a parliament in the region with real and meaningful powers which will have a positive impact on people's lives.

“The June vote will be an opportunity to break open the devolution logjam which has held back Yorkshire's potential for some time now.

“It's an opportunity allow the people of Yorkshire to set their own priorities to the distinctive challenges the county faces.

“Yes, Brexit was a defining moment in British politics but there are so many other important issues in Yorkshire today - education, health and social care, our crumbling infrastructure and our relationship with the rest of the UK.

“It will be a chance for the people of Yorkshire to say to the London parties "enough - give us control of our own affairs.

"The Yorkshire Party is stronger and better organised than at any time in its short history. We look forward to any General Election with huge optimism."

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  • commented 2017-04-20 23:02:09 +0100
    Okay we all know the election is coming but do we still want the same old thing, the P M telling you one thing then doing some thing else,
    J Coyben seems so bad he is losing mps at a great rate of knot’s
    Lib dems nowhere to be seen, these people will all converge on yorkshire soon trying to plecate us with there crap they dont care what happens up here.
    Labour see yorkshire as a safe seat they dont believe they have to try hard
    The Con trying to say they have the working class at heart i didnt swollow that rubbish at 18 im not about to now.

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