Tent City Petition Delivered

Homelessness is an important issue in Doncaster, which is why, over the past week, the Yorkshire Party has been collecting names for a petition demanding Doncaster Council takes the issue seriously.

The Yorkshire Party is calling on Doncaster Council to provide on-site security - a role which is currently being fulfilled by volunteers - for as long as the tent city lasts. This will not only ensure the safety of the homeless people living in the tent city but it will also to reassure local residents who live nearby.  We are calling on the Council to provide mental health and social service support for those who need it in order to break the cycle of addiction or mental illness and homelessness.  Finally, we are calling on DMBC to rehouse all the residents of tent city by Christmas, which combine with appropriate mental health and social service support, will hopefully allow them to rebuild their lives.

Homelessness is an issue that has an impact on all of us and short term solutions are simply not good enough.

The first batch of names from the petition were delivered to Doncaster Council on the 9th December and a complete list of names was delivered a week later.  Thank you to everyone who signed and shared the petition.  Any response from DMBC will be published if and when it is received.

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