Tent City Follow Up

The success of Doncaster Tent City is not just a victory against homelessness.  It is a victory that shows the power of communities coming together to make a positive difference.

Last Friday, the last of the tents came down at Doncaster Tent City. The site had been set up to offer some shelter and safety to the homeless people in our town. The vast majority of residents have now been rehoused with support and Doncaster Council have begun reviewing how they will tackle homelessness in the future.

The Yorkshire Party would like to thank everyone who signed our petition calling on DMBC to take action; to everyone who donated food and warm clothing; to all the volunteers, who spent many hours working at the tent city; and to all at Doncaster Council who worked to provide housing to many of the residents.

The tent city shows that though there is a long way to go in order to completely tackle homelessness in our town, we have made a start. Doncaster, and Yorkshire more widely, has the potential to lead the way in ending homelessness.

What is more, the tent city has shown that local people, working together can make a real difference - an idea that can only inspire others stand up and make a difference.

Remaining supplies from the tent city have now been donated to other charities in Doncaster.  Information about other organisations working to tackle homelessness in Doncaster, with details about what members of the public can do to help, will be published shortly.

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