Tackle Homelessness in Doncaster

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Why is it important to tackle homelessness in Doncaster?

On any given day there are about 70 cold, tired and hungry people living on the streets of Doncaster without a place to call home.  Tackling homelessness is not just important for people who are sleeping rough, particularly as winter approaches, it is important for the whole community.  Tackling homelessness and its causes benefits Doncaster businesses by reducing the number of people sleeping rough in the town centre; it benefits the NHS by reducing the number of people exposed to cold nights and the number of people who may be dependent on drugs and alcohol; and benefits the people of Doncaster by creating a more caring and supportive community in our town.

What is the Tent City?

People become homeless through many different reasons.  The Tent City was set up to shelter the homeless, destitute and vulnerable adults in Doncaster. No man/women should sleep rough in this day and age. It provides homeless people in Doncaster with a safe place to sleep, food and warm clothing, and a sense of community. For those who may be dependent on drugs or alcohol, this community offers mutual support to start to overcome these dependencies.

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