Support Yorkshire devolution: Write to Sajid Javid

The Yorkshire Party’s campaign for a One Yorkshire devolution deal is close to success.

Our campaign has gained the support of business groups, the trade unions. The Archbishop of York and 18 out of 20 local council leaders in the county. Very soon we could be in a position to unleash the fantastic potential Yorkshire has, so we can finally get to work improving our NHS, investing in our schools, and bringing our roads and railways into the 21st century.

However, the Westminster Government continues to fight against plans for devolution to Yorkshire. We want to take the campaign to the Government, in particular to the Minister responsible – Sajid Javid.

Sajid Javid is the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and an MP for Bromsgrove, south of Birmingham. It is the department he leads that is blocking devolution to Yorkshire.

We are asking all those who support the One Yorkshire deal to demand that Sajid Javid stops playing party politics with our future and allows Yorkshire to come together and start working to improve our region.

Please email Sajid Javid at Tell him it’s time the Government stops playing politics and starts supporting Yorkshire being given a voice over things like our schools, roads, trains and hospitals.

Suggested Sajid Javid email text:

“I believe that the decentralisation and devolution of meaningful powers should be to the whole of Yorkshire which with its size, economic strength, diversity and heritage has the undoubted potential to provide a prosperous future for all its people.

“In turn I believe that such a One Yorkshire settlement can set the right economic, social and democratic priorities for Yorkshire and provide a stronger voice for our communities in the United Kingdom and throughout the wider world.

“I ask you to stop obstructing the One Yorkshire deal and support the process to get such a deal in place as soon as possible.”

Once you’ve written to Mr Javid, why not comment below and let us know?

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