Stockton-on-Tees Traditional Boundary Signs Statement


In quite recent events, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council has decided to recognise historical boundaries between the two counties of Yorkshire and Durham with new signs. There will be four signs stating where the traditional boundary used to be, before the 1974 local government reorganisation. This has largely been campaigned for by various groups but notably the long established Yorkshire Ridings Society.

A sense of identity has been rekindled in places such as Yarm and Thornaby over recent years and both have had votes on actually returning to Yorkshire administratively to continue pursuing this goal. Yarm held a vote during 2014 and Thornaby-on-Tees during 2015 with both votes giving a clear majority for a return to Yorkshire.

In the Yorkshire Party we recognise the traditional boundaries of counties, including Yorkshire. This is, however, in keeping with recognising what people in those areas that have been moved from one administrative county to another during the 1974 Local Government Act actually want. Therefore we would support Yarm and Thornaby with their aims in regards to this if this is of course what the people living there still choose to do. 

We welcome the historic signs announced by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council as this reinforces knowledge of the boundaries and educates people who may not know. For places and people that have a strong sense of wanting to return to Yorkshire this could be a first step towards that aim and we are supportive of that.

The Yorkshire Party supports the free-will of places and people to choose which devolution, county and/or identity they desire to have. We would want to see this done in a democratic and inclusive way with the result respected by all sides at the end of such a campaign. We would and do work with other parties, organisations and local groups to support this value of ours and to hopefully be able to play a role in moving things along.

The Yorkshire Party supports a Yorkshire Parliament. We feel that a Yorkshire Parliament, for reasons of democracy and inclusiveness, is the best option for devolution to Yorkshire. It is our belief that the reinstatement of Yorkshire's pre 1974 boundaries should be considered as soon as possible when the establishment of any future Yorkshire Parliament comes into force. Then, if it is the wish of those communities removed from the administration of Yorkshire in 1974, to 'return' to Yorkshire then they should be allowed that option.

The Yorkshire Party will campaign with all those promoting the establishment of a Yorkshire Parliament and for the self-determination of those communities removed from the administration of Yorkshire in 1974.

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  • commented 2017-03-14 03:12:49 +0000
    being a Yorkshire man born and bred I want my county back as one county this should include Teesside and Middlesbrough north,east,south and west Yorkshire too I also want Yorkshire to have its own assembly with all current MPs staying in Yorkshire to better represent our wishes here and furthermore tax raising powers too. this county is huge and like Scotland has 5 million living here respect us Westminster or its very clear as the Yorkshire party say we vote for independence just like the scots will
  • commented 2017-02-08 07:55:21 +0000
    Sorry about this but Yorkshire didn’t gain anything in 1974. South of the Humber is not Yorkshire it is Lincolnshire. The name of the party is the Yorkshire Party and not the Westminster created “Yorkshire and Humber Region” party.

    I remember the Local Government Act 1974 coming into being. There was no democratic vote given to areas which are no longer administratively in Yorkshire. There have been democratic votes in various areas where people have voted to re-join Yorkshire and the democratic vote has been ignored. People in Redcar and Middlesbrough regard themselves as Yorkshire people. They were forced into a Westminster created county of Cleveland. That made as much sense as Humberside. Yorkshire and its historical boundaries have been in place since the 9th Century and were taken away without a democratic vote. The Westminster bubble is about power and dictating to the people. It was the same government that took the United Kingdom into the E.E.C without a democratic vote. When the people a vote they do not like the results. There has been no vote in regards to the city regions. They are imposed by the political elite in London. Everything they do they do for their own political ends. Once the Yorkshire parliament is established then the democratic principles and rights of the people will come into force. Remember Westminster (London) and Democracy does not go together.
  • commented 2017-02-08 01:58:25 +0000
    I agree with everyone mainly but I think the Yorkshire Party are mainly trying to find a resolution here that is respectful to all sides here too. They praise the signs going up as this represents the traditional boundary and are encouraging to places wishing to return to Yorkshire. I think there is one fact here we can’t undo the past and the Local Government Act of 1974 did happen so I think progressing forward in a democratic and inclusive way is the way forward and respectful of people and organisations views. Getting recognition for the boundary is a good start so a well done to the work the Yorkshire Riding Society do in this regard. But we can’t be too rigid with the boundary because south of Sheffield would be cut off and that wouldn’t be good. So the Yorkshire Party progressing forward in a democratic way is surely the best way forward to deal with this problem.
  • commented 2017-02-07 23:18:24 +0000
    They go I think Lee… they were never ‘ours’ anyway!
  • commented 2017-02-07 21:44:15 +0000
    What happens to the areas we gained? North, north east lincolnshire. Do they stay or go?
  • commented 2017-02-07 19:19:49 +0000
    The 1974 changes have blighted the entire region. The vision has to be for a devolved full Yorkshire settlement that respects our traditional boundaries and our historic patrimony. The pride is there, why not harness it? Artificial arrangements like ‘Humberside’ have been shown to not work.. let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past. Restore Yorkshire!
  • commented 2017-02-07 18:42:28 +0000
    The boundaries of Yorkshire should be returned to the pre 1974 boundaries come what may. These boundaries date back to the 9th Century and should not have been tinkered with by the Westminster elite and it’s civil service. Nothing more than a return to the pre 1974 boundaries is acceptable.

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