Stevie Manion challenges Labour over devolution

The Yorkshire First candidate in the upcoming parliamentary by-election in Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, Stevie Manion, has challenged his Labour opposite for her views on the Government's devolution deals which Labour MPs in other parts of the country are rejecting.


Stevie Manion, the Yorkshire First candidate in Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, has delivered a letter to Labour's Gill Furniss in which he says:

"Labour MPs in the North East are calling for the Government's devolution deal to be scrapped, urging local councillors to reject the proposal. 

"In a letter, which was also signed by trade union officials, they say the deal is (amongst other things): 'economically dysfunctional; unequal in its application; and reduces democratic control at local level.'

"The deal these MPs are wanting to be scrapped is the same as the deal that has been effectively imposed on many parts of Yorkshire; Sheffield City Region being one of them.  So I have asked Ms Furniss if she agrees with her colleagues in the North East and rejects these divisive deals? Or does she back George Osborne and his plan to farm out cuts, divide the long standing boundaries of Yorkshire and destroy an identity of those that live in this diverse and vibrant region? 

"In my view Yorkshire deserves so much more than this pitiful and frankly cynical attempt at devolution. We are demanding a deal which is inclusive and democratic and which can make a real impact on people's lives."

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