South Yorkshire Police has failed and it must be scrapped

Leader of Yorkshire First, Richard Carter, has joined those calling for the scrapping of South Yorkshire Police and suggested it be replaced by a unified 'Police Yorkshire', accountable to a Yorkshire Parliament.

Richard Carter explained:

"South Yorkshire Police should be scrapped. They failed in Hillsborough, in Rotherham and in Orgreave. They have proved themselves incompetent. 

"South Yorkshire Police is a tainted 'brand'. It comes with too many negative associations. It is the RBS of policing. In effect there is no way back for it in its current identity.

"A further fault with the current system having politically partisan Police and Crime Commissioners. These do not help accountability in 'one-party states' like South Yorkshire."

Stevie Manion, Yorkshire First candidate in the Sheffield Hillsborough and Brightside by-election, added:

"Yorkshire First's solution is straightforward. We want to see the South Yorkshire Police scrapped and the four police forces of Yorkshire merged. in turn this Yorkshire force should be accountable to a directly elected Yorkshire Parliament. Such a arrangement works well for the whole of Scotland.

"Without such radical steps, the people will remain less than confident in South Yorkshire Police. We need more than a mere change of personnel. We need to scrap South Yorkshire Police and start again with something new."

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  • commented 2016-05-04 19:16:51 +0100
    Thanks for your comment. Agree. We want to see a Yorkshire wide police service and see this as an opportunity to rebuild trust in a crucial service after massive failings in the leadership and management of one of the four current police services in Yorkshire
  • commented 2016-05-02 00:21:40 +0100
    Just watched TV drama about Hillsborough, then Rotherham with all those children still fresh in peoples minds. Scrap it

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