SMEs back Yorkshire Party

The Yorkshire Party has been voted as the political party which best represents the interests of the county’s small and medium-sized enterprises, in an online poll conducted by the Yorkshire Enterprise Network.

The Yorkshire Enterprise Network (YEN), one of the county’s biggest networking and business organisations, circulated the poll over a three week period to its thousands of members and followers, by email, by newsletter and on social media.

In a surprise result, a decisive 63% of respondents felt that the Yorkshire Party “most holds the interests of SMEs in Yorkshire”.

Lagging a long distance behind but pretty much neck and neck for the second place, were Labour at 17% and the Conservatives at 13%.

The Liberal Democrats picked up 6% of the vote and UKIP just 3%, with no-one at all feeling that the Green Party or any “others” would represent their business interests.

The Yorkshire Party which campaigns on a devolutionary platform of “speaking up for Yorkshire” is fielding 21 parliamentary seats across Yorkshire, an increase of 50% on the number of candidates they fought in 2015.

Among its manifesto pledges it campaigns for a Yorkshire Parliament and “control of our own destiny”, protecting Yorkshire’s interests as we leave the EU, investment in the region’s infrastructure and integrated health and social care, delivered locally.

YEN Chairman Nasser Malik said: “This is certainly a surprising result, which reflects the business community’s lack of confidence in the established parties being able to deliver for SMEs in our region.” 

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