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It's been an extraordinary few weeks in politics. But we would like to make one thing clear, people who were not born in Yorkshire are just as welcome here now as they were before Brexit. Not just Europeans, everyone - no matter what nationality, race creed, colour or shoe size.

Ask most Yorkshire folk what they love about God's Own County and we'll say one thing: its diversity.

There is no place in Yorkshire for anyone who wants to make anyone else feel unwelcome. 

Yorkshire has not changed over the past few weeks. It remains a place that cherishes human beings of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds as it has done so for centuries. So people of Europe and the world, thank you for making Yorkshire your home.

The Yorkshire Party is clear, that whatever the nature of the UK's future relationship with the EU, we should unequivocally guarantee the full rights of those EU citizens currently resident within Yorkshire.

Please sign our petition to demand that the Government unequivocally guarantees the full rights of every EU citizen currently resident in Yorkshire.

Our campaign is inspired by Time Out magazine's fantastic front cover about London's future following the EU referendum.

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