Campaigning for Safer Roads in Doncaster

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Chris Whitwood, the Yorkshire Party's prospective council candidate, was recently contacted by a group of local residents who are concerned about the speed of some traffic using Manor Drive and Alderson Drive as a cut through. For the past 25 years, they have been calling on Doncaster Council to take action to make the roads safer yet DMBC refuse to act.

Damage following a car accident caused by dangerous driving on Manor Drive.

Why Won't Doncaster Council Listen?

DMBC have stated that your cars already act as a traffic calming measure, despite this meaning they are being put at risk by speeding motorists. Installing speed bumps would not impact people who are driving legally and would reduce the number of drivers breaking the 30mph speed limit.

Brian, a resident on Manor Drive said,

“We have been calling for Doncaster Council to deal with this problem for decades! This is a real safety issue and our quality of life is affected every day.”

Have you been affected by speeding or unsafe traffic in your area?

If you are concerned about road safety, whether its for the sake of your children, elderly neighbours or your own safety we want to hear from you.  Take our short survey now!

Doncaster Speeding Survey - Yorkshire Party Campaigning for Safer Roads in Doncaster

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