Rural Issues

Rural Yorkshire covers our costal communities, our farmland, the North York Moors, the Yorkshire Dales and accessible areas close to major cities. it is diverse in terms of the age of the local population, the diversity of local economic activity and the provision of services and infrastructure.

We believe this should be clearly reflected in any decision making process, whether it concerns fracking, wind-farms, education, health, commerce, agriculture, fishing or any other important areas of rural life.

By voting for the Yorkshire Party you are voting to back our plan for fairness for rural Yorkshire:

  • We will support more grassroots participation in decision making, especially in areas like the rollout of broadband, transport infrastructure, housing, planning, health and support for businesses.
  • We will invest in alternative broadband solutions for communities not covered by the national roll-out.
  • We will commit to ensuring that a proportional of affordable housing is included in all major housing developments in rural Yorkshire.
  • We will support the National Farmers Union's plan for a comprehensive agri-food strategy to increase the UK's food production.

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