The Yorkshire Party wants to build a fairer, stronger, more prosperous Yorkshire.

Yorkshire is at a crossroads. Never again will people accept a political system where every major decision about our great region is taken by a remote, unaccountable, London-based Government.

The debate is now not whether Yorkshire should have more decision making power. Instead, it is about what powers our region should have and how these should be used.

But this is a debate with two very different versions of Yorkshire's future. The other parties stand for a weakened Yorkshire, divided into artificial 'City Regions' with few powers and even less money.

The Yorkshire Party believes in something better.

We believe in first-rate devolution that makes Yorkshire work better.

But this is not change for change's sake. It is change so we can start to build a fairer, stronger, more prosperous Yorkshire within a better United Kingdom.

These policies are our vision for that fairer, stronger, more prosperous Yorkshire.

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