Leeds Trolleybus rejection - Where was our say?

Yorkshire First has reacted to the Government's decision today to reject the plans for a Trolleybus in Leeds.

Richard Carter, Leader of Yorkshire First, said:

"The rejection of the Leeds Trolleybus scheme by an unelected government inspector, despite the Trolleybus proposals being backed by the democratically elected body representing Leeds, is yet more proof that our country's political system is failing.

"No matter what you think about the Trolleybus proposals, decisions about Yorkshire's infrastructure should be made democratically by accountable, elected representatives - government inspectors should not have a veto.

"Just as when the Labour Government pulled the plug on the Leeds Supertram scheme over ten years ago - it's clear that we can't rely on the Westminster Government to make decisions that benefit Yorkshire.

"We can't go on like this - every decision to cut, postpone or review investment in Yorkshire allows the economy of London and the South East to pull yet further ahead. Our political system must change, and real powers must be devolved to Yorkshire and the north."

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