Our comment on Jeremy Corbyn's election

After the announcement of Jeremy Corbyn as the new Labour leader, Yorkshire First leader, Richard Carter, has said, "there are many challenges facing a new Labour Party leader and many which specifically affect people in Yorkshire".

"Corbyn's 'Northern Future' document clearly suggests that he recognises the need for devolution. However the document is notably light on substance and is only the view of a very small number of people and from one political party."

Richard Carter went on to say:

"Hopefully Corbyn's leadership will mean a Labour Party which would recognise the need for a wider more inclusive approach to devolution for our county.

"We would like his support in our campaign for a first class, democratic, devolution settlement for Yorkshire, a settlement based on the needs and aspirations of all our communities not just the ambitions of selected politicians or the dogma of central government.

"Yorkshire First recognises the need for democratic reform in a wider sense including our voting system, reform of the House of Lords and of course how communities govern themselves. A Corbyn leadership now has the opportunity to work with other parties and movements to champion these reforms.

"Yorkshire First is willing to play its part - working in partnership and friendship with all forces - in realising first class devolution for Yorkshire".

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