Opinion: Why the Yorkshire Post was right to reject Cameron's love letter

In recent days we have seen a surge in interest in Yorkshire from the national media. That is something that we at Yorkshire First always welcome - anything that draws attention to our great region, and the challenges we face, is to be applauded.

In this case, it is clear to us that the Yorkshire Post deserves this applause for refusing to run David Cameron's ‘love letter’, professing his adoration of ‘Yorkshire and Humber’. Putting aside the peculiar use of ‘and Humber’ in Mr Cameron's article, an expression used pretty much solely by London-based civil servants, don't Mr Cameron's words ring a little hollow when contrasted with his abject failure to act on the devastating floods that hit Yorkshire in December?

After all, I'm sure we all are delighted that Mr Cameron loves our great region - and who wouldn't? However it seems strange that his love didn't extend to blocking the devastating cuts to Leeds’ proposed flood defence scheme in the last Parliament. It's a shame that he doesn't love us enough to address our underperforming schools. It's a shame too that his love doesn't stretch to fixing our education system.

At Yorkshire First we'd certainly feel that love more if people weren't still desperately trying to recover from the horrible effects of the floods, or that Yorkshire wasn't losing its cultural heritage to London or a myriad of other issues here that are not being addressed. I believe if Mr Cameron really loves Yorkshire, now is his chance to show it.

Not many people realise that Yorkshire actually has a bigger population than Scotland, and an economy twice the size of Wales. We are certainly big enough to make more of our own decisions, rather than rely on the goodwill of whoever happens to be in Downing Street. Sometimes in life, when you really love someone or something you need to give them a bit of space to make their own decisions and fix their own problems.

If David Cameron really loves us he should back his words with actions and devolve real powers to Yorkshire - frankly, if it's good enough for Scotland and Wales, it's good enough for Yorkshire.

Richard Carter

Leader of Yorkshire First

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  • commented 2016-03-19 18:25:21 +0000
    We’re only an Alex Salmond away from being the Union’s next big problem and I hope this ‘love letter’ is part of a recognition that there’s a storm brewing in Yorkshire. How much longer can platitudes soothe our egos while our infrastructure rusts and our children are robbed of their futures?

    Anyone remember this bomb shell? The very idea that we should all be paid to move South is an absolute disgrace to our proud history and culture:

    It’s not just the Tories, it’s the West Minister system in general that does not care for us, we’re always left to look after ourselves up North and hopefully one day we’ll govern ourselves too.

    I also resent that they consider us inferior and incapable of functioning outside of the 19th century enclave they think survives up North. For example take this very recent article:

    This runs deeper than ‘affectionate humor’ if you were to google around a bit you’d find the word Tyke used to refer to someone from Yorkshire and that it also came to be known as a crude person. I wonder which part of the Country would be responsible? Certainly not the part that believes speaking English with a dialect is not speaking it properly right?

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