Northern Powerhouse - Not Good Enough

City devolution plans are divisive, do not go far enough and another example of decisions made in Whitehall and Westminster - not Yorkshire.

Commenting on George Osborne's proposed Cities Devolution Bill, Richard Carter, Leader of Yorkshire First, said:

"We can only repeat what we have said before: things are apparently being decided with no public say. We think it is an attempt to silence debate, essentially to maintain power at Westminster.

"We had the opportunity during the election to debate the issue of devolution. We at Yorkshire First were ready but the main parties closed the debate down, and the Conservative government can hardly claim it has a mandate for this in Yorkshire. They got only 18 seats out of 54 in Yorkshire and less than a third of the vote.

"It is interesting how, when we want more powers and an elected assembly, we must have a referendum. When our leaders decide something we just have to accept it. No discussion, no public say; just do what we are told, almost as if the public engagement seen in the Scottish referendum never happened.

"There should be no stitch ups, no cosy deals, no secret arrangements between local and national leaders. The future of Yorkshire and our country as a whole is too important to be left to politicians. The people must have their say.

"We have devolution models in the UK. Tried and tested. Yorkshire is its cities, towns, countryside and people. Together. Their proposals are second rate and do not go far enough.

"We call on our 22 councils leaders to unite in a demand for Yorkshire to move towards a region with tried and tested first rate devolution similar to Scotland. Towns and villages should also have more say in matters that affect them. Not just some cities.

"In a crisis of democracy the answer has to be democratic and can only be achieved by engaging and listening to the people."


 Click here to read more about the proposed Northern Powerhouse on the BBC News website.

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