New High-Quality Jobs for Doncaster

In the third of five policy announcements, the Yorkshire Party’s candidate, Chris Whitwood, has outlined measures to bring new high-quality jobs to Doncaster.

Chris explained,
“Too many new jobs in Doncaster are low skilled and low paid. Hard working people are suffering from short-term or zero hour contracts. If elected, I will work to bring high-quality jobs to Doncaster.”

The Yorkshire Party’s plan for businesses will make supporting small and medium enterprises in Doncaster a priority through measures such as favourable rate for locally based businesses, investment in world-class facilities, and cultural events increase footfall to town centres, celebrate Doncaster’s successes and highlight our potential.

Chris added,
“For too long, Doncaster’s Labour Council has been allowing neighbouring cities, such as Sheffield, Leeds and Wakefield, to attract new businesses at Doncaster’s expense. Only by giving your first vote to the Yorkshire Party in the mayoral and council elections will we be able to realise Doncaster’s full potential.”


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