Make Doncaster Great Again

Chris Whitwood, Yorkshire Party, launches campaign to become Doncaster Mayor.  Pledges to Make Doncaster Great Again - and to Campaign for Doncaster to Become a City.

Chris Whitwood, a trained Primary School teacher, Doncaster town centre resident, and Deputy Leader of the Yorkshire Party, has today (Tuesday 14th March) launched his campaign to be elected Mayor of Doncaster this May.

Chris, who last month pioneered the first meeting of the ‘Doncaster Street Makers’ organisation, made up of a group of volunteers focussed on improving local areas within Doncaster Borough, has pledged that his campaign will focus on ideas to make Doncaster a place anyone would be proud to call home. To make Doncaster great again.

Chris, who is also standing for Doncaster Council in Town Ward, explained:

“In the last nine months I've spoken to hundreds of people from around Doncaster, to try to understand what I could do to help improve our town. Everyone has had different ideas - but nearly everyone I've spoken to has used the same word when speaking to me. That word is neglect.

“So many people tell me that they feel Doncaster was once a place they could be proud to call home, but that the Labour Party and Doncaster Council’s neglect has left the town a shadow of its former self. I am campaigning to change that. I am campaigning to stop the neglect. I am campaigning to make Doncaster great again.”


Make Doncaster a City

Chris’s mayoral campaign will launch five key policies, in the next five weeks, to outline his vision for a Doncaster that truly starts to fulfil its potential.

The first of these policies is to campaign to pull Doncaster out of Sheffield City Region and make Doncaster a city in its own right.

Chris continued:
“Doncaster deserves so much more than Labour’s vision for our town - to be subsumed into ‘Sheffield City Region’. I live in Doncaster, not some suburb of Sheffield.

“However I think, for Doncaster to truly enjoy the recognition it deserves, we must do more than just pull out of Sheffield City Region. For Doncaster to get the recognition it deserves, we must stop being a South Yorkshire town, and become a great Yorkshire city.

“Becoming a city would give Doncaster a real presence, nationally and across the world. It is easy for Westminster to ignore a town neglected and left to decline by its own Council.

“By becoming a city, Doncaster would be telling the rest of the UK, and the world, that we're no longer willing to gently decline and slip into obscurity. That we want more. We want a fairer stronger and more prosperous Yorkshire for everyone. We want to realise our town’s potential and make Doncaster great again.”

Chris Whitwood and other Yorkshire Party volunteers during a litter pick in Doncaster town centre.

Published and promoted by Chris Whitwood of 15 Kings Arcade, St Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster, DN1 1AN

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