Connectivity and infrastructure are vital to Yorkshire's success. Targeted infrastructure spending enhances both the economy and quality of life.

Infrastructure isn't just about good roads and rail transport though - it is about connecting people and businesses via first rate broadband and telecoms and protecting homes and offices from an ever-changing climate.

Unfortunately, infrastructure spending in the UK is not working properly. For every £1 spent on roads, railways, airports, flood defences and energy infrastructure in Yorkshire, the Government chooses to spend around £10 in London.

Is there any wonder that London's economy continues to surge ahead with such a disparity in infrastructure spending?

The Yorkshire Party will do things differently. By voting for the Yorkshire Party you are voting to:

  • Have decisions about Yorkshire's infrastructure made in Yorkshire, rather than by London-based civil servants.
  • Establish a clear infrastructure plan for Yorkshire as a whole, rather than the current piecemeal approach of occasional, stand-alone infrastructure investment.
  • Demand that London no longer enjoys 10 times the infrastructure spending that Yorkshire receives.
  • Campaign for flood-prone areas to be zero rated for Insurance Premium Tax, to mitigate some of the financial burden those living in flood-prone areas face.

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