Hope, not hate, is the way forward

Yorkshire First, the party for Yorkshire, has been receiving new members and supporters following the EU referendum and the civil wars breaking out in Labour and Conservative parties.

Initial analysis suggests that new supporters believe that the over centralised national parties have lost touch with both their voters and members, and are failing to recognise the desire of the regions to have first rate powers such as Scotland, Wales and London.

Leader of Yorkshire First, Richard Carter, commented:

"The referendum result was as much a vote against the London centric UK as it was against the EU. The take back control message resonated in Yorkshire with a clear majority in favour of Leave. Yorkshire has been fobbed off for too long and to reunite our country means it is time to look again at what the national government does and what should be done by the regions.

"Neither the Remain or Leave campaigns addressed the needs of regions such as Yorkshire in the EU referendum. Yorkshire has a population larger than Scotland and an economy twice that of Wales, but we do not have the powers to act on our challenges and opportunities as a region.

"That has to change, and the increased number of supporters and members we are getting is welcome. Our message of hope for our great region is getting through.

"We are proud of our region, which, after all, was set up by immigrants over a thousand years ago, and our party welcomes all who choose Yorkshire as their home. For us they are Yorkshire folk. We will continue to provide the positive message that hope, not hate is the way forward."

* Yorkshire voted by 57.5% to 42.5% for Leave with 18 of the 21 local authority areas backing Leave.


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