Give a Voice to Our Forgotten Towns

In the fourth policy announcement of his election campaign, Chris Whitwood, the Yorkshire Party candidate for Mayor of Doncaster has called for our forgotten towns and villages to be given the ability to decide their own future.

Chris explained,
"Our towns and villages have been neglected for too long. I will hold referendums to give residents the opportunity to establish town or parish councils, devolving real powers from Doncaster Council, and allow residents to take control of their own future.

"As Mayor of Doncaster, I will hold a referendums in all towns with populations over 10,000 to give residents the choice to establish a town or parish council, taking back control of local decisions from DMBC."

To make this a success, Chris will work with local councillors, businesses, voluntary organisations and residents to decide which powers each new council will have. This will ensure that the new town and parish councils are effective decision making organisation with meaningful powers - not just a talking shop or another layer of local government.

He will also outline plans by which smaller communities can petition to have their own town and parish councils too.

Chris added:
"If we want Doncaster Council to make better we must genuinely listening to the concerns and ideas of local residents and move away from the current culture of petty party politics. By allowing local areas to take back control from DMBC, we are returning power to local people so they can decide their own future."

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