Five reasons to vote Yorkshire First today


Yorkshire First is the only party standing in Yorkshire that isn't run out of a head office in London. Instead, we're based in Yorkshire and will only ever vote to put the interests of Yorkshire first.

Yorkshire First believes in treating everyone who chooses to live, work or play in Yorkshire equally and fairly, unlike some of the other parties.

Labour and the Conservatives have built a system where for every £1 spent on infrastructure (roads, railways, etc) in Yorkshire, £10 is spent in London. Neither party has promised to fight for fair funding for Yorkshire. Yorkshire First will.

Ukip seem to be against giving Yorkshire as a whole any more power. Instead, it seems like they support a system where all major decisions are made in London. Yorkshire First will give Yorkshire more power over things like roads, schools and our hospitals.

At the moment, for every £8,000 spent on a secondary school pupil in London, only about £4,500 is spent in Yorkshire. Neither the Conservatives nor Labour have done anything to change that. Yorkshire First believes our children are worth just as much as children in London.