Our Stance on Europe

Yorkshire First, the Party for Yorkshire, has released a statement outlining the party's stance on the EU Referendum calling for a more open and democratic Europe.

Yorkshire First represents people from both 'stay' and 'leave' sides of the EU Referendum debate.

We share a common belief in the importance of securing the best deal for Yorkshire, be that within or separate from the European Union.

The European Union represents an opportunity for nations and regions, such as Yorkshire, to have their voices heard at an international level.

However, the EU, founded on its original Treaties by agreement between old style centralised nation states, has become out of date and out of touch.  The governments of these centralized nation states have too often neglected the needs of the nations and regions they are elected to represent - such is the case for Yorkshire.

Current negotiations offer little with regard to the democratising reform which we seek. We believe that, regardless of the EU Referendum result, Europe must be democratised - local and regional first, national and European where appropriate and beneficial for all the people's of Europe.

Yorkshire First will work with our European neighbours, in the European Free Alliance (EFA) to secure greater representation for our region and the best deal for its economy, environment and people.

Yorkshire First members will vote according to their conscience in the EU Referendum. In addition, we will encourage debate and discussion in the sure knowledge that democracy is about more decisions being made by people, not politicians - a belief that we can create a better future by trusting in the people.

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