EU Referendum Result: Time for Yorkshire to Take Control

The United Kingdom has voted to take back control from the European Union.  It's time for Yorkshire to take control from Westminster.

With Yorkshire showing one of the highest votes for leave in the EU referendum, Yorkshire First says there are many questions unanswered about the future of the county.

Yorkshire First Leader, Richard Carter said:

“Yorkshire First is calling on all those who believe in progressive democracy to consider carefully the outcomes of the referendum and to ask themselves just how do we move forward following this result?

It is evident that the people of Yorkshire want more control of their own affairs. The starting point should be greater democracy in Yorkshire; just how do we achieve it?

"Yorkshire First will continue to make the positive case for our region, nationally and internationally. We will be campaigning for people in Yorkshire to have a greater say in those things that desperately need attention such as education, transport and the economy. These are the things that concern the people of Yorkshire, not the careers of London based politicians.

"Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has said that someone needs to represent London at the Brexit negotiations table. Who will be there to represent Yorkshire?  Once again, Westminster's interests are being equated to the interests of the whole of the UK.

"Anger at the establishment is clear in this vote and how we manage the affairs of Yorkshire and the UK is now an even more pressing need. This cannot be taken as a desire to keep powers at Westminster. The UK needs to look again urgently at how all regions of the country can have more say in their own affairs. The case for a Yorkshire parliament is strengthened by yesterday's vote."

* The 21 local authorities in Yorkshire voted by 57.5% to 42.5% to leave, with only York, Leeds and Harrogate voting to remain.

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  • commented 2016-06-27 16:49:19 +0100
    Hi Rich Somne great points you make. We agree that something needs to be done re education. Our schools underperform at Early Years level, and GCSE’s too. The governments answer has been to take away any local control. We think fair funding, and a Yorkshire challenge similar to the one in London that raised performance significantly should happen in Yorkshire. This combined with a clear strategy to develop Yorkshire as a hub for energy as we move towards a non carbon future (as an example) would help us deliver the skills that our children and economy needs. If we fail on this employers will simply import those with the skills needed. This has to be a long term strategy for the region… Richard C
  • commented 2016-06-27 15:51:04 +0100
    Hi Pat. Thanks for your message. We too are very proud to be from Yorkshire, and for the most part our members view themselves as Yorkshire first, then British (some English too..) The identities can overlap… Our party took the decision to have no party position as we have members and supporters that were on both sides of the arguement. We support a federal UK, one where each region has more powers. We are in the same European grouping as the SNP, Plaid, and Mebyon Kernow, though we do not want independence for Yorkshire…just first rate powers for us similar to those that the Scots or Wales has. After all we have a larger population than Scotland, and an economy twice that of Wales… We think the strength of the leave vote in Yorkshire was a reflection of the desire to kick our so called elites as owt else. We essentially support local and regional decision making first, national and international where beneficial or advantageous. We do not see the answer as the Norwegian model. (I know the model well having lived and worked there for 8 years…) We see the constitutional crisis deepening, and think that we have to find a way of enhancing the voice of Yorkshire within the UK, that has to work for all parts and regions… Thanks for your comments…hope you choose to get involved… Richard Carter, Leader
  • commented 2016-06-26 18:22:36 +0100
    I voted Remain and have been deeply troubled by the strength of the Leave vote outside York, Harrogate and Leeds. I suppose at the root of my dislike is the overtly nationalist tone of some of the Leave arguments. I support as much devolution as possible to Yorkshire but do not identify at all with English nationalism. The Scots have developed a ‘civic nationalism’ which fits well with their progressive approach and membership within the wider EU. England has never had a positive relationship with the EU and now has left. I’m burbling on, but I suppose I’m asking what your attitude as a party is to the EU and a possible federal UK.
  • commented 2016-06-25 18:57:04 +0100
    Lets start from the ground up, which means starting with education and getting kids into a mindset that major things are expected of them. We do this by making 2 senior schools in each city and town specific to 2 areas of education. A school for engineering and a school for science so kids on mass who want to follow these paths get ahead of everyone else from a young age. I spoke to a young German kid who had just moved to a boarding school in Germany. I asked him how come he chose science as his main subject and he said there are specific schools that cater for people who want to go into areas from a young age. I said you must be a bright kid he said this is open to anyone regardless of academic achievement. We need this doing here NOW. We need to get our kids advanced in engineering, physics, science, as soon as possible and we need to do it on mass. Our way of education is broken and how Germany do it has to be the way forward, minus the boarding schools. We need to start from the ground up which means our kids have to do it to change things permanently, forever.

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