16% of all of the UK's electricity is generated in Yorkshire. This figure will only rise with the new off and on-shore renewable and low carbon developments that are close to coming online. This strength in energy is one of our key assets - supporting high quality, skilled jobs across Yorkshire.

However, our communities do not always feel a direct benefit from Yorkshire's energy success.

The Yorkshire Party will build on this strength, whilst ensuring communities feel the benefits, by turning Yorkshire into the UK's Energy Hub:

  • We will align policies in research and development, education and infrastructure spending to build the workforce, technology and infrastructure to make Yorkshire a cutting-edge exporter of electricity.
  • We will ensure that communities feel a long-term, direct financial benefit from energy developments in their area. We will achieve this by imposing a levy on energy infrastructure development and resource extraction and using the proceeds of this levy to support a Sovereign Wealth Fund, the Yorkshire Futures Fund. This fund will be used to directly financially support areas affected by energy developments.
  • We will oppose any plans to move decision making authority on fracking from Yorkshire to London. Elected representatives in Yorkshire should make the final decision on fracking, not London-based civil servants.

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