To thrive, Yorkshire needs a strong education system. But currently, we rely on London-based civil servants to take nearly every decision about our children's future. This cannot go on.

Yorkshire has the lowest proportion of pupils achieving 5 or more GCSEs at A*-C level in the UK, and the fewest good or outstanding schools at Early Years level. Is it any wonder when the London-based Government has built an education system where a school in the City of London received £8,587 per pupil in 2015/2016, whilst a school in York received £4,202 per pupil over the same period?

The Yorkshire Party believes it is fundamentally wrong that a pupil in the City of London enjoys over £4,000 per year in funding than a pupil in York.

But funding is only part of the problem. Education requires real regional political focus. London's failing schools were turned around by the London challenge - a regional approach across all of London that transformed the life chances of children. Yorkshire needs the same.

If you vote for the Yorkshire Party you are voting for:

  • Fair funding for our children - not a system where a a pupil in the City of London has around £4,000 more pear year spent on them than a pupil in Yorkshire.
  • A Yorkshire Educational Challenge, based on the London Challenge, to provide investment, processional development and share best practice across Yorkshire.
  • Decisions about Yorkshire's education system to be made by experts, teachers, parents and young people in Yorkshire, not by London-based civil servants.

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