Yorkshire has a larger population than Scotland, Ireland or Wales. Our economy is over twice as large as Wales's.

However, Yorkshire's economy is not working as it should.

Per person, Yorkshire's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was recently measured as €23,000. That means that, by some measures, the average salary in Yorkshire is lower than Estonia, Lithuania or Slovakia - countries that until 1990 were behind the Iron Curtain.

This is not good enough, and it is a symptom of a political system that is not working for Yorkshire.

By voting for the Yorkshire Party you are voting to:

  • Create well paid, highly skilled jobs across Yorkshire through a targeted programme of investment in infrastructure and the energy sector.
  • Cut the number of district and county councillors across Yorkshire by 50% and abolish Police and Crime Commissioners, saving more than £14 million over the first four years.
  • Give Yorkshire powers to set our own tax rates, so more economic decisions that affect Yorkshire are made in Yorkshire, rather than by London-based politicians.

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