Doncaster Street Makers

Do you care about your local community? Are you fed up of being ignored by Doncaster Council? Do you want a better future for you and your family? You can give your street a voice and change Doncaster for the better!

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What do Street Makers do?

Street Makers are Volunteers who listen to the views of their local communities and give residents a voice. You will work neighbours and members of the Yorkshire Party from across Doncaster so that together, we can make Doncaster better.

How much time should I commit?

Being a Street Maker is completely voluntary so you can give as much time as you wish. You will be responsible for listening to and passing on the concerns of residents of one or two streets so a minimum of one or two hours every couple of weeks should be enough… but if you want to do more please do!

Will I have any support?

Of course! You will be working closely with the Yorkshire Party’s Deputy Leader, Chris Whitwood, and the more people you can get involved the easier your role will be and the load our voices will be heard.

Why should I become a Yorkshire Party Street Maker?

Being a Yorkshire Party Street Maker and listening to the concerns of people on your street means the Yorkshire Party will be able to truly represent the views of ordinary people.

Together we can change Doncaster for the better but to do so we need your help!

Who are the Yorkshire Party?

The Yorkshire Party is a new political party campaigning for more decisions to be made by local people. We’re tired of the petty party politics of Westminster. Instead, we want to work together to make Yorkshire – our cities, towns, villages and countryside – better for everyone. To find out more about the Yorkshire Party, click here.

Doncaster Street Makers is being piloted in central Doncaster and if successful will be rolled out further afield. Encourage family and friends to sign up to so that together we can make Doncaster Street Makers a roaring success.

Become a Yorkshire Party Street Maker and make a difference now!

The first meeting of Street Maker volunteers will be at The Goose, 54 Hall Gate, Doncaster at 11:30am on Saturday 25th February.

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