Deputy Leader of Yorkshire First to join anti-fracking protest

The Deputy Leader of Yorkshire First, Stewart Arnold, will be joining local party activists at an anti-fracking demonstration in Northallerton on Friday 20 May.

Stewart Arnold said:

"Yorkshire effectively has no choice on the proposed fracking development in Ryedale. Whether we want fracking in our wonderful countryside or not, we are being dictated to by London. We've seen that the UK government policy is to develop fracking quickly and at any cost and thus the planning rules are heavily stacked in the developers' favour.

"By contrast, the Scottish Government has taken a very cautious approach to fracking. This is the sort of thing you can do with devolved government and it's why Yorkshire First is campaigning for a Yorkshire Parliament."

Under current plans, 140 heritage spots in Yorkshire are covered under fracking exploration licences.

Arnold continued:

"At the very least there should be a moratorium on the granting of planning consents for fracking developments just has been announced recently in Scotland. This issue is too important to rush through just because some civil servant in London says so.

"Any decision on whether shale developments can occur in Yorkshire should be a matter for the Yorkshire people."

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