A common misconception is that devolution has to mean greater numbers of politicians and more bureaucracy. That is not the Yorkshire Party's vision.

The Yorkshire Party's vision is for a Yorkshire and a United Kingdom that has better governance, not more governance. A better governed Yorkshire can be a fairer, stronger, more prosperous Yorkshire.

Yorkshire has over 1,220 district and county councillors, each claiming expenses and allowances. However, most of our councillors are arranged using the cabinet system of government - where power is concentrated in the hands of a small cabinet of councillors, and most elected members have very little say. This means many district and county councillors are almost powerless.

The Yorkshire Party believes we have too many district and county councillors with too few powers.

By voting for the Yorkshire Party you are voting to:

  • Cut the number of district and county councillors across Yorkshire by 50%, saving around £14 million over the next four years.
  • Devolve more power over issues like planning and the environment to Town and Parish Councils.
  • Scrap Police and Crime Commissioners.
  • Establish a Yorkshire Parliament with real power, devolved from Westminster, over areas like policing, transport, health, energy and education.

Overall our plan will mean Yorkshire has both fewer politicians and better government, and could save Yorkshire over £14 million in councillor allowances alone over the first four years.


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