Councillor Devolution Letter

Dear [Insert councillor name]


I have been following the devolution proposals offered to Yorkshire in the past year with interest. As a resident in your ward, I would like to know your views on the model of devolution currently on offer to our area. 


Do you agree with this attempt to carve up the Yorkshire region, which shatters historical links across our county in order to create artificial city regions? If the proposals weren't being thrashed out behind closed doors, how would you personally vote on the devolution currently offered by these government proposals?


Do you believe that it's acceptable for such constitutional changes to be made undemocratically without asking the Yorkshire people in a referendum? If so, how do you reconcile this attitude with the fact that, when asked several years ago, many areas voted against the elected mayors it seems as though we will now be forced to accept in exchange for even this derisory level of devolution.


Finally, can I ask what your views on an elected assembly for the whole of Yorkshire are?


Thank you for your time.


Kind Regards


[Insert your name]

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