Closed due to London's Vanity

Northern sites of 'National Importance' are being closed due to funding cuts at a time when London is set to recieve £60 million for the Garden Bridge vanity project.  Yorkshire First leader, Richard Carter, like many, asks why public money is being squandered on an unnecessary bridge in the capital when the same amount could keep five northern museums open for the next 50 years.

London's garden bridge: "This cultural disconnection can't go on"

Reports that London's new Garden bridge will get £60 million pounds of public money has been met with dismay by Yorkshire First, the party for Yorkshire

Leader Richard Carter, summed up the feelings of many, when he said:

"Whilst the north is suffering further cultural cutbacks, public money given to a new 'Garden bridge' in London. The £60 million pounds of public money going to London could, for example, secure the long-term future of the National Media Museum in Bradford. This is aside from the support that needs to be given to Yorkshire's flood defences.

"It wasn't me who said it but whoever said that London can't keep sucking up the nation's culture for itself was spot on. This cultural disconnection can't go on.

"Real regional government with the powers to act would allow all English regions to thrive. We are not against a strong capital, but this has to change, for the good of the country and for London too."


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