Clean Up Doncaster

Following the first meeting of Doncaster Street Makers, the Yorkshire Party is launching a campaign to clean up Doncaster, beginning with a litter pick in the town centre.

The Street Makers initiative was launched by Yorkshire Party campaigner, Chris Whitwood, in a bid to give local people the opportunity to highlight issues facing residents on a street level.

Chris, who is calling on Doncaster Council to do more to listen to local residents, said;
"The common theme running through all of the issues raised, was one of neglect. Our town centre has been allowed to crumble and with it crumbles our sense of identity."

The issues raised at the event included littering (a common problem in many areas); the abandonment of historic buildings, such as the old Girls High School; ideas on how to support local businesses and the market; and the desire to champion Doncaster's successes.

"I am determined that Yorkshire Party Street Makers won't be just a talking shop. We want to enable local people to take an active role in making Doncaster great again." explained Chris.

The Clean Up Doncaster campaign will begin with a litter pick in the town centre, starting at The Gateway on Sunny Bar (near the market), 2pm on Saturday 11th March.

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