Below you will find a list of our candidates for the 2017 General Election


Bill Black - Scarborough and Whitby


My name is Bill Black and I am standing for parliament in the constituency of Scarborough and Whitby.
I worked as a technical specialist in the electronics instrumentation manufacturing industry until being made redundant in 1983. I was then recruited by GCHQ and moved to Scarborough. I stayed with them for over twenty years before taking early retirement in 2005. I continue to spend almost all of my time in Scarborough.
During my time at GCHQ the unions were banned by the then government and a staff federation was formed. I was an elected member of the staff federation national executive where I represented the interests of the engineering staff at remote sites.
Since my retirement I have travelled widely, mainly in India from where my wife originates. I have been involved in appropriate technology solutions there, bringing computers and the Internet to remote areas.
I was a member of Newby and Seamer Parish Council and remain a trustee of the Scarborough and Rydale Carers Support and Newby and Scalby Village Hall Trust.
I became interested in Yorkshire devolution some years ago and when the Yorkshire Party Steering Group was formed I was part of that and have remained an active member of the party ever since that time.
I have become convinced that the local government systems in use in Yorkshire, the police and other public institutions are no longer fit for purpose because of the low level of funding given to Yorkshire from central government. For every pound spent per person by central government in London only 80p is spent by them in Yorkshire!



Mick Bower - Rotherham


Mick Bower was born and bred in Rotherham. He went to Oakwood Comprehensive school and later returned there to work as a teacher. In a varied career, he has also worked in road safety, sports journalism and business information. Mick is currently a member of the Yorkshire Party’s steering group.



Charlie Bridges - Doncaster North




Lucy Brown - Wakefield


Dr Lucy Brown is a freelance writer who has lived in Wakefield all her life. As well as her interest in politics, she is also an avid reader and writing, and spends a lot of time in the excellent cafes around her home town indulging in her favourite pastimes. 



Box Buxton - Pudsey


I live in Rawdon with my wife, son & daughter, and I teach Engineering in Horsforth. I’m proud to serve on Rawdon Parish Council, and work with my fellow councillors to improve the village, protect the greenbelt & organise social events.

I’m standing in the General Election to fight for a better future for my children & future generations. If we destroy the greenbelt, it’s gone forever and our towns and villages will merge with urban sprawl. If Leeds City council won’t listen, let’s go back to having separate council for Aireborough, Horsforth and Pudsey.

I’m also passionate about education. Yorkshire has the worst GCSE results in the UK and gets £1000 less funding per pupil than London; we need a fair deal.

Infrastructure and environmental issues are priorities for me. Shrinking greenbelt & poor transport contribute to Leeds having appalling air pollution, which has been linked to childhood asthma & reduced lifespan; we can do better.




Jack Carrington - Sheffield Central


I have lived in Sheffield for 6 years, first in Broomhall, then St Vincent's, now settled up on City Road.
Have worked jobs from night-shift parcel sorting, to admin roles in further education (human resources, exams, enrollment, and student support), to my current role as Finance Director for Make Votes Matter.
I briefly studied Economics & Maths at Sheffield University, before moving on to accountancy qualifications for the last few years.
In the community I have volunteered for Citizens Advice at Spital Hill, some projects around Park Centre, and supported other national charities in the city.

I first ran as an independent where I lived in Central Ward in 2014, and joined the Yorkshire Party in Spring 2016 shortly before running again, this time in my new home ward of Manor Castle (coming a strong 3rd ahead of 3 other parties).

I passionately believe in substantial devolution of a very wide range powers, it works in the commonwealth, it works in Europe; it will work within the UK. Taking decisions closer to the people they affect means more targeted, more efficient, and more accountable policy-making - and as dry as than can sound, it's what will bring jobs & growth to Yorkshire and the regions left behind by Westminster.

Sheffield is my home, I want to see it able to prosper, and I am standing for election as part of what I can do to help make that happen. 



Matthew Clover - Elmet and Rothwell



Born and bred in Yorkshire, Matthew has lived and worked in many different parts of this great County giving him a wide and varied viewpoint of all that goes on here. Having settled some years past in the hamlet of Potterton he enjoys the ever-demanding hustle and bustle of working in the hospitality industry alongside his wonderful wife, Lisa.

In the late nineties, he worked full time to pay his way through University and afterwards went on to forge a career in the hospitality industry which has seen him achieve both great success’ and some small knocks along the way.

He donates regularly to various charities and has even gone so far as to complete the Great North Run in aid of MIND, a feat which he hopes to repeat once he’s lost a bit of weight.

His interest in politics goes back to his early teens. All sides were represented whenever his family would get together and he found the debates no less than fascinating. His own political views are very much down the middle. He feels that there are facets of all parties that are admirable but at the same time there is the knowledge that, whoever is in power, party politics and elitism come before the good of the people. The fact that party politics comes a very distant second is what attracted him to the Yorkshire Party. 



Tony Devoy - Barnsley East


Born and brought up in Barnsley, lives in the constituency at Grimethorpe. Five grown-up children and one grandchild. Has worked in the mining industry at Grimethorpe colliery, building and construction, factories and distribution, film and TV production. Most recently as a trainer/teacher in video making and community development. Volunteer worker in local community.

I am standing up and putting myself forward to offer proud Yorkshire folk and disillusioned and fed-up Labour voters a proper alternative to the present 'one party state' system in Barnsley where political opportunists, career politicians and public sector elites milk the system at ordinary folks' expense.

Our Party is working to build a 'Yorkshire Powerhouse' where devolved powers, financial control, democratic reforms, along with new challenges and opportunities will help create a fairer, equal and more socially just society that works for the many, where all folk can contribute, thrive and prosper.



Daniel Gascoigne - Pontefract, Normanton and Castleford


I am standing in this general election because I believe our corner of Yorkshire has been let down for far too long. The Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford constituency (or the 5 towns area, to everybody who knows it) needs a new voice, someone who will actually speak out for the problems faced by the people here. I have lived in Pontefract for my whole life, I went to University in Leeds, and all my family live in the 5 towns area. I would say this means I know the area pretty well, and I have a direct interest in making sure we are no longer ignored in Parliament.



Bikatshi Katenga - Huddersfield


Bikatshi is a mother of three children who all attend local schools. Her pledges are:

- Secondary schools pupils in the North receive £1,300 less per head than students in London. I will campaign for our school children to be funded as well as children are in London.  

- I support the devolving of health and social care responsibilities closer to the community and as part of that oppose the closure of Huddersfield's A&E department.

 - I want to see an improvement in amenities and equipment for children at play.



Ed Jones - Leeds West


I joined the Yorkshire Party earlier this year to pledge my support for an alternative to the mainstream London-centric politics that we’re governed by. When the general election was announced I saw an opportunity to act on my passion for politics and the city of Leeds by standing in Leeds West to make a positive change for the area I live in. I will fight passionately to improve democracy in Yorkshire, to reduce regional inequality, and to represent my constituents in Westminster.



Steve Manion - Don Valley



I joined the Yorkshire Party in early 2016 and stood in the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election. I am from Conisbrough and have always voted for the same party until recently.

I became completely disengaged with the voting process, with the voice for Yorkshire, with a voice I could trust. I decided that I could take the opportunity to try and make a difference for Don Valley and the area i live in. 
I can see the potential in the people around me, and would love to reduce the inequality in Yorkshire and represent my constituency in Westminster.



Tim Norman - East Yorkshire


Tim Norman, 49, a Management Accountant originally from Redcar, has a degree in Banking, Insurance and Finance from Bangor University. He has lived & worked in East Yorkshire for the last 11 years, owning & running The Royal Bridlington hotel with his wife, Fiona.

Prior to this he spent 16 years with Yorkshire Water as one of their senior Management Accountants in the Commercial Team and worked throughout Yorkshire and the UK. Tim also gained experience in the Treasury and Tax functions.

Following from this position he achieved the position of Financial Controller with a specialist Water Chemicals company in Leeds.

He is frustrated by the lack of attention being paid to East Yorkshire from Central Government and feels that it is now time to make some noise, not be Silent any more and Giving Yorkshire a Voice.



John Otley - Leeds East



Chris Pearson - Richmond


I was born in Yorkshire and have lived in Northallerton for 28 years. I worked in the NHS as a mental health nurse, in child and adolescent mental health services for 35 years, and now work part time as a support worker in the GP out of hours service. I am married with three children. I joined the Yorkshire Party because I believe the people of Yorkshire deserve better representation at local level and more control over important issues. I am campaigning for the creation of a Yorkshire parliament, with real power over areas like policing, transport, health, energy and education. I believe that decisions about Yorkshire should be made in Yorkshire, not by politicians in London.



Jack Render - Skipton and Ripon

I'm currently one for the youngest candidates in the country at age 19. Just finished 6th form and now working in an apprenticeship. Being young I have visions for the future and wish to make the UK better for the youth of tomorrow. Standing in Ripon and Skipton as that's where I've lived my entire life and have strong connections with the area. 



Martin Roberts - Hemsworth



Tess Seddon - Leeds North East


Tess Seddon is a theatre director and writer. She grew up in Ilkley, studied at Manchester University, interned in New York and then due to lack of job opportunities in Yorkshire she moved to London. She moved back to Leeds last year and is excited to be standing for the Yorkshire Party. She began by researching the Yorkshire Party for a play. However after conversations with the Party, devolution experts, academics, artists and her local community she was inspired by the idea of a Yorkshire Parliament as a way of re-invigorating politics, engaging people, hearing more diverse voices and helping Yorkshire strive for better. Tess is standing in Leeds North East.



Diana Wallis - Haltemprice and Howden



This has been dubbed a Brexit election. As a known European, it would be inconceivable for me to sit this election out, especially when the sitting MP in my home constituency is the Brexit Minister. Haltemprice and Howden could be a symbolic seat!

Having decided to enter the contest I do so from a very clear stand-point. The North, particularly Yorkshire, has been ignored by Westminster for too long. The strong vote for Brexit in much of Yorkshire was in part a product of that disregard. Yorkshire needs a strong voice in Westminster.

I represented Yorkshire for 12 years in the European Parliament, I saw it too often sold short by our national politicians. What we need now is a fair and intelligent relationship with the EU that reflects our region's needs. That is what I want to use all my European experience as a politician and lawyer to fight for.

Of all the Hull and East Riding constituencies, Haltemprice and Howden contained, as far as can be gauged, the largest 'remain' vote although falling short of a majority. I want to represent fairly that overall position. I pledge to use every traditional and modern technological method possible to reflect the views of the constituency in parliamentary votes.

Whilst I have chosen to be a part of the Yorkshire Party, I do so on the basis that we adhere to the Bell principles in public life, making decisions in an open, independent and transparent way, not based on party political dogma or the party whip system.

I have lived in the village of Swanland in the heart of the constituency for the last 25 years. I have been a local councillor for my area on Humberside County Council and East Riding Council where I was one of the Deputy Leaders. Originally a solicitor with a Hull firm, I am now a Senior Fellow at the Law School at the University Hull, I also work as a mediator. My main role over the last 4 years has been as President of the European Law Institute a Europe wide foundation of judges, practicing lawyers and academics devoted to the improvement of European law.

None of the opposition parties have come close to the incumbent in Haltemprice and Howden in the recent past and put in the most polite way the media are unlikely to give the constituency any real attention; they will all be focused on more realistic targets elsewhere. I therefore believe this offers the opportunity to do something quite unique in terms of new politics. I hope you may feel inclined to lend me your support in order to send a signal about Yorkshire & Brexit whatever your
usual party political views.

Twitter @dianapwallis
Facebook Diana Wallis Taking the Argument to the Brexit Minister


Lee Walton - Beverley and Holderness




Chris Whitwood - Doncaster Central


 I am standing for Doncaster because I believe Doncaster deserves better. Our town has been neglected for far too long. As your MP, I will work to reverse that neglect. As a trained primary school teacher, I am passionate about youth work and for many years have been a volunteer for St John Ambulance. I also run a voluntary campaign to promote teaching first aid in schools.




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    Yorkshire Party is what the county has needed for many years – a party to stand up for Yorkshire folk!
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    Well this is first I have heard of the Yorkshire party.

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