Call for Yorkshire to follow Durham's referendum

Responding to the announcement by Simon Henig, Leader of Durham County Council and Chair of the North East Combined Authority, that Durham will hold a referendum on their devolution proposals, Yorkshire First has called on local Labour leaders in Yorkshire to follow suit.

Leader of Yorkshire First, Richard Carter, said:

"We have wanted to see a greater engagement with the Yorkshire public in the devolution process and have been pushing for democratic input all along. However, we have been rebuffed all the way. We've been told 'there isn't time' or 'there's no appetite for democracy'; whatever the excuse the people of Yorkshire have been fobbed off from inputting into what are fairly momentous decisions.

"But if there's time to listen to the public of Durham, why isn't there time to listen in Yorkshire?

"The attitude of Councillor Simon Henig stands in such contrast to that of Councillor Steve Houghton Chair of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority and Councillor Peter Box, who leads the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. These two councillors, neither elected to lead their Combined Authorities, have granted themselves the power to decide what devolution to Yorkshire should look like. They have both turned their backs on a Yorkshire-wide solution.

"It's time the leaders of councils across Yorkshire followed the admirable example set by Durham and gave people across our county the final say on their future."

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  • commented 2015-10-30 15:03:03 +0000
    Again are the people we elect actually out of touch yet again. It would seem that our MPs and Councillors are more elected dictators than our representatives. Also another point that draws in the EU, we criticise the EU Commission and people such as Jean Claude Juncker for been unelected and undemocratic but yet people such as Peter Box and others who have titles such as West Yorkshire Combined Authority Chairman is surely in the same league is it not? Who elected him to such a position? So yes as time keeps passing by it would seem that politics in Westminster, the Lords and even locally on our Councils is corrupt to the core and more democracy, scrutiny and an overhaul of the current system is needed. It’s time for the grass roots and the people to have their say.

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