Budget 2016: Warm words and empty promises for Yorkshire

“This budget is yet another example of how the Chancellor's warm words for Yorkshire and the north are just not being matched by his actions."

Richard Carter, Leader of Yorkshire First, said about today's budget announcements:

“The Chancellor has not addressed the £10 spent on London's infrastructure for every £1 spent in Yorkshire. That is not good enough - and Conservative MPs across Yorkshire need to say so.

“His words around devolution mean nothing when he takes aways control of schooling and gives it to Whitehall.

“Real powers for a region with a similar sized population to Scotland. That's what Yorkshire needs.

"We welcome his warm words with regard to his version of a challenge for our schools, something that he may well have taken from Yorkshire First's 2015 manifesto. But we fail to see how taking away local control of schools can help to improve our regional underperformance in this area. We would advise people to listen to what they say, but watch what they do. Our manifesto commitment will be the benchmark to measure his proposals against.

“George Osborne spoke about High Speed Three and improved road connectivity between Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, which of course Yorkshire First would welcome. But how many times has High Speed Three been announced now? Compare how Yorkshire's commuters continue to suffer on overcrowded, slow trains, whilst Crossrail in London moves towards opening.

"What Yorkshire really needs to be able to set, decide on and deliver our own priorities, rather than rely on the goodwill of London-based politicians.

"It seems George Osborne is more interested in recycling previous announcements to get good media coverage than actually investing real money in Yorkshire's infrastructure."

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