Arts, Culture and Sport

Yorkshire prides itself on its great cultural edifices, its sporting prowess and the artistic endeavour of its people and communities.

The Yorkshire Party believes that the riches that exist in our county should be improved and extended for all, not moved south on the whim of a metropolitan establishment. We also recognise the economic value of our county's treasures in both educational and tourism terms.

Our people, especially our young people, must have access to first class sporting facilities, not just to provide centres of sporting excellence for our elite sports men and women but also for the health and social benefit of all.

Yorkshire is home to many professional sports teams. Supporters have suffered in many ways from financial mismanagement of their clubs at a time when there has never been more money in professional sport. The Yorkshire Party recognises the emergence of the supporters trust movement and the benefits that they offer to supporters.

Yorkshire has been bestowed with cultures from across the world, especially in the areas of music and dance. Our artistic communities must be supported by strong, properly funded, locally based arts organisations which represent our communities with access to sustainable funding.

The Yorkshire Party pledges to:

  • Fight for improvements and additions to our museums and libraries and an end to London-based cultural decision making.
  • Promote sporting facilities that support our elite athletes and offer quality, healthy sporting activities for all of our communities.
  • Work with our communities to ensure we get a fair share of arts funding instead of the bulk of it being spent by London-based decision makers.
  • Support large events like the Tour de Yorkshire as well as our many local carnivals and festivals.
  • Support community ownership of sports clubs and facilities through the supporters trust movement.

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