Yorkshire First most successful party in by-elections

An analysis of vote share change in council by-elections since May 2015 shows Yorkshire First is the most successful English party.

The online analysis by Lib Dem blogger Mark Senior shows the vote share change of all major parties that stood in more than one local council by-election since May.

If Yorkshire First's average vote share change since May - 8.2% - is added to that list, it reveals that Yorkshire First has enjoyed the highest vote share increase of any party standing in Council elections in England.

The analysis shows the state of the parties as follows:

Yorkshire First +8.2%
Lib Dems +5.6
Conservatives +3.6
Green -1.4
Labour -2.3
UKIP -7.9

By the end of 2015, Yorkshire First will have fought 3 local council by-elections: the former mining community of Thurnscoe near Barnsley in the Dearne North ward; the urban ward of Pontefract North; and the rural ward of Derwent in Ryedale. In the Derwent ward Yorkshire First and the Conservatives are the only recognised parties standing.

This means, since May, Yorkshire First has contested 75% of the Council by-elections that have taken place in Yorkshire – the same percentage as Labour, and more than Ukip, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats.

Leader Richard Carter said:

"In very diverse parts of Yorkshire it is evident our message is being well received. There are no 'no go areas' for us. in the absence of any debate by the main Westminster parties about what the future might look like in Yorkshire, we are taking the conversation to the people ourselves."

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