A bad deal for Yorkshire: Our response to the Autumn Statement

George Osborne yesterday delivered his Autumn Statement – revealing what the Government intends to spend, and what the Government intends to cut, over the next year.

What George Osborne outlined yesterday was a bad deal for Yorkshire:

  • Scrapping a £1 billion fund to develop Carbon Capture technology in North Yorkshire. This fund would've seen the creation of a new clean coal power station near Drax, protecting the environment and creating hundreds of new jobs in Yorkshire

  • Refusing to commit any sort of timescale regarding the London – Sheffield and Leeds – Manchester railway upgrades. Whilst we're pleased the Government has backtracked, after Yorkshire First pressure, on their decision to 'pause' these rail upgrades – it is telling that it's full steam ahead on the project that electrifies railway lines in the South East, whilst we continue to await a start date for improvements in Yorkshire and the north

  • Committing to a plan where for every £1000 spent on improving London's infrastructure, only £133 is spent in Yorkshire

  • Protecting a school funding system where a child in London has £1000 more per year spent on them than a child in Barnsley. Education is so vital in building a prosperous future for Yorkshire and the UK – but this plan treats our children like second class citizens

George Osborne speaks of a 'Northern Powerhouse', but in this case, actions speak louder than words. Yesterday's Autumn Statement fatally undermines this Government's insistence that it is trying to build a 'powerhouse' in the north.

Instead, it's the same old from this Government. A financial plan which puts the needs of London and the South East first, and actively harms Yorkshire's economy.

Yesterday's Autumn Statement shows what happens when we let Westminster make all the spending decisions – Westminster puts itself first.

In his statement, George Osborne spoke about rebuilding Britain. But Mr Osborne's plan does nothing of the sort.

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