Cleaning Up Doncaster

Yorkshire Party volunteers were hard at work this weekend picking up litter in Doncaster's town centre.

The event was organised by Doncaster Street Makers, an initiative launched by Yorkshire Party campaigner, Chris Whitwood, in a bid to give local people the opportunity to highlight issues facing residents on a street level. Starting at the market place, the volunteers made their way through Doncaster's town centre, past the Frenchgate and up the High Street.

"The idea came from a couple of local residents who felt that the centre of Doncaster has become run down in recent years. Many groups across the country have been participating in the Great British Spring Clean and we wanted to play our part."

Yorkshire Party campaigner, Chris Whitwood, litter picking in Doncaster Market Place.

The Great British Spring Clean took place over four days last week. Numerous groups in Doncaster, Yorkshire Party Street Makers included, took part.

Chris, who is campaigning for historic buildings in Doncaster to be given a new lease of life, added;
"There are some town improvements that take a big campaign. However, there are also actions that are less noticeable but still make a real difference. Something a simple as cleaning litter off the streets can give you a sense of pride in where you live. Starting with small actions such as these we can make people proud to say they are from Doncaster."

Click here to find out more about Doncaster Street Makers.

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